Have you ever set out to change an aspect of your life before? You’ve had good intentions, you’re committed and you take action but instead of things improving, they get worse?

Welcome to the Chaos of Change

One thing I learned in my Money Project was the Chaos Theory, a theory backed by science which explains the chaos of change. (the Butterfly Effect is part of this theory)

Chaos Theory says that even the most disorderly system has within itself the seed of order. This is true for relationships, families, work teams, political systems, communities, even your own complex personal perspective.

When you work to change a system, you dislodge it from its stable state. It starts to swing back and forth between the old and the new. The old system has to fall apart so that the new order from within can emerge. This transformation appears as utter chaos. Once you understand this theory, the chaos is a sign to you that change is on the way.

You can’t avoid the process of moving from the old to the new. If you want to transform your money relationship, or anything in your life, you have to accept the chaos as part of it.

Many people avoid change because the falling apart of the old system is tumultuous, uncertain, frustrating, and overwhelming. You’re losing your crutches and your old security stories.

Often you are battling with your own lack of faith that you deserve a better future.

But you can’t get what you want unless you change. The reason you don’t have it yet is because you are not the person who is ready for this in your world. To be that person you have to change.

When you go through any kind of change, there will be wildly swinging emotions and a period where it feels like everything is falling apart.

When you get to that moment, celebrate as much as you can. It’s through the falling apart that the new way of being and thinking can find its order, and from that a different life emerges.

If you don’t understand how this works, you’ll freak out and quit … right before the reward arrives. You are so close when the chaos starts.

Be aware that change takes time for that new order to find the structure to emerge.  That’s why overnight miracles don’t exist and many people who win the lotto end up losing it. They don’t have the new order to support it.

Be patient with change. The Universe also needs time to rearrange things to help you.

I can make change happen a lot faster now because I have done this work for a long time and I trust in it and believe it. That’s why I recommend you do this program over and over again until the 7 principles become habit, you’re okay with change and it just becomes a normal part of your day.

Abundance will naturally follow.

The Chaos of Change Training

One very surprising aspect of my Money Mindfulness program was the feedback I got to the Chaos of Change training. I added it as a bonus to the program as I knew my program brings great change and I wanted all participants to achieve the change they seek. But if they didn’t recognize the chaos and know what to do with it, they’d quit.

The Chaos if Change is a very clear pattern. I’ve connected those dots over and over again.

I get excited now when that falling apart happens because I know it’s a very clear sign that what I desire is on its way to me. I just have to become the eye of the storm and be calm and sit tight. I don’t lose my focus and I come out on the other side unscathed. I can get through it much faster now that I understand it.

I simply remember the butterfly:

The butterfly cannot grow the strength it needs to flap its wings if it does not struggle out of the cocoon and into its new order.

Like the butterfly, you’ll have moments when things get stuck. That never goes away – it’s because the stuck parts are there to help us learn and grow. We can’t move to the next level without them.

The trick is to discover the patterns and to apply your response in the right way over and over again AND to know how to weather the storm of the stuckness.

Because if you don’t know how to do that, the chaos will bring everything tumbling down and you won’t be able to find your way up to the next thriving prosperous level.

And when I say that I am not just talking from a monetary perspective. I’m talking from an abundance perspective which encompasses everything and is a natural law. Spend the day in nature today and tell me abundance is not a natural law.

My participants have said that training alone was worth the program and completely life changing for them as they had an understanding and a framework to work with.

I also have two other bonuses I’m adding into this group round, which starts Feb 1st.

  1. eBook: 12 steps to Sacredness: How to create the life your soul yearns for ($17 value)
  2. eBook: How to create a money savings plan and budget that works ($7.99 value)

You’ll get these two ebooks for free if you join the cleanse now. Both complement your money and growth journey well.

As a reminder, there is training to do before the cleanse part starts on Feb 1st. So you don’t want to delay in joining us. Click here to do that now so you can get started with the pre-cleanse training, including the Bonus Chaos of Change training.

The 30 Days to Money Mindfulness program is $97.

With the program, you will receive:

  • Video training teaching you the 7 foundational principles of co-creation and how they help you effortlessly create and accept miracles.
  • A toolbox of strategies to help you clarify what you want, cleanse limiting beliefs and blocks, and create miracles. (they align with those manifesting principles)
  • Actionable tasks and worksheets to help you carry out the new insights
  • Daily supportive videos with further insights, support and guidance from me.
  • A supportive and encouraging Facebook group.
  • + bonus training to help you move through the chaos of change – the thing that usually leads you to quit. Now you’ll know how to power through.

You can move through the Money Mindfulness Program at your own pace, so don’t worry if you can’t keep up with the group cleanse.

We’ll be cheering you on no matter what and you have lifetime access to the program and Facebook group. Once you see the changes, you’ll make this program a priority.

There is a three-month payment plan available to make it easier for you.

The Money Program is an investment that has brought hundreds of people so much more in return. From hundreds to thousands of extra dollars, new job opportunities, more travel, and a sense of freedom, understanding of self, and peace they haven’t felt in a long time.

We’re waiting for you to join our supportive, and fun community.

Take the plunge, say no to fear, enjoy the change and start creating miracles.


P.S. One thing I know about change for sure is, if you don’t change nothing else in your life will. As my beloved late spiritual teacher, Wayne Dyer says,

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”