I had a radio interview with the Price of Business yesterday. We had an insightful conversation about the importance of changing your relationship to money especially in business.

I loved diving into the aspect of the Family Effect, which we talk about in my program, and do some work on to overcome the conditioning of our upbringing.

I only wish the conversation went longer as there was so much to say on the topic.

Grab your cuppa and take a listen!

You cannot succeed in business unless you have a good relationship with money. As Kevin mentioned, it’s why some people hustle so hard, yet never see results that match. That was me for years until I changed my relationship with money.

Now it continues to flow into my life and grows. Any time I get stuck, I simply implement the tools and strategies in my program to help me move up a level. It happens every time. The last time I did it a few weeks ago, I had five figures in unexpected revenue flow in within two weeks.

This stuff works!

When have you seen the money flow into your life? How were you feeling, thinking and acting at the time?