I’ve created this space to connect with like minded people. Those who appreciate that the journey is to be savoured and not skipped through.

I have fallen in love with the messiness of life.


Because my life got messy (which I did not love at the time mind you!).

I experienced a financial crisis that destroyed my travel dreams and left me broke, jobless, and living with my in-laws.

Being trapped in that soul-destroying life caused the fire within my soul to be heard:

“You cannot let this be your legacy in life. Make this pain have a purpose and
turn it into something better.”

From that pain, my travel blog was born and slowly grew into the freedom lifestyle I dreamed about for many years.

I dived deep into the mess – what it was there to teach me?

How I could use it to grow and be better?

From my introspection and dot connection, I learned that life is always guiding us to the right experiences. We often see them as drama, challenges and dire straits, but what they are doing is helping us become the people were born to be so we can have what we want.

I have complete faith in the journey. I know if I show up every day for my dreams, if I have kind intentions, and a solid commitment, life will work in my favor and the Universe will rush halfway to help me.

It’s part action on my behalf, and part just letting go and allowing.

Now I love to help others find their way to trusting in the same.

On this site, I’ll be sharing articles, tips and insights to help you turn your mess into something powerful.

Email series and webinar trainings to help you embrace the mess and create miracles.
(+ how to become a powerful abundance attractor)

I am an entrepreneur, speaker, and co-founder of one of the world’s most influential travel blogs. I travel full-time with my family while working on our blog. I was a teacher before travel blogging and now use those skills to homeschool my daughters.

I’ve been featured on The Today Show, Forbes, Lonely Planet, Travel & Leisure, USA Today, Virgin Australia, and Huffington Post and worked with tourism brands and destinations all over the world. The biggest thrill of my career was being invited to the White House to attend a travel summit as one of the world’s top digital influencers.

I value freedom above everything else, which is why I have created the lifestyle I have.

I also value contribution, growth, health, ease, connectedness, and above all joy, and peace.

I created the 30 Day to Money Mindfulness to help people learn to have a better money relationship. You want to talk about mess!!

Money seems to cause so many issues yet it’s not the money that is the problem, but our understanding of money, and the mis-alignment we have with our value systems. (Hint – most people don’t even know what theirs is. Hence the mess)

Money is not something that blocks your dreams or creates anxiety, it’s a friend and a tool that can be used to create a lifestyle you desire. The funny thing is you often don’t need those millions you think you do! The cleanse is there to help you realign your values and desires with your reality.

I have used the tools and strategies within the program to create a lifestyle of travel and a thriving six-figure online business. It’s helped me manifest opportunities such as attending a travel summit at the White House as a Top Travel Influencer; speaking at numerous conferences; partnering with her dream publication, Lonely Planet; being featured on The Today Show and having one of the biggest travel blogs in the world.

I’ve spent 20 years traveling the world. Before blogging I worked in other countries as a teacher. My family travel blog is now what allows me to continue to travel. It’s my baby and my bread and butter.

Our girls have been traveling with us since they were born. In 2013, we road tripped around Australia for 18 months, which is when our blog really exploded. We’re now road tripping around the USA for the next three years.

I love travel because it puts us outside our comfort zones. It shows us how capable and strong we are. We learn so much about the world. We connect to nature and to others more deeply. We have experiences that help us feel joyful and alive.

Not traveling for me feels like I’m sucking water from a straw with holes in it – it just doesn’t work.

And now I get to help thousands of people experience the same joy through travel. Nothing thrills me more than to receive emails like this:

Let me tell you how you inspired me when I was struggling… It was last year and everything was going down and they were beyond my control and I was like, “Seriously, what’s happening? What did I do to deserve this?” and then I run into your blog… The articles you shared triggered something inside my heart that was burning for a long time, but I was automatically ignoring it somehow… Everyday I was reading your articles and finally I decided to take action… 8 months later I came to Shanghai where I didn’t know anyone… I did a 3-week backpacking trip to Thailand… I get to see a different part of the world which is an eye opening experience. I’m so happy I found your blog and hope to meet you one day in person.

yTravel Reader

And this:

I’ve been following your blog since 2014 when I was working in marketing for a travel company. Even after I switched jobs and industries, I kept my subscription because almost every email you send really connects with me even though I don’t travel much.I remember reading one of your emails 5 minutes before an interview, and right before a big presentation and right in the middle of a breakup, and each one gave me courage, affirmation or a new perspective to life.

yTravel Reader

I love that I could turn my pain and passion into something that serves.

I have two beautiful daughters, Kalyra and Savannah, who knew what they were getting into when they chose me to guide them on their journey.

I’m dedicated to raising two strong independent, creative and kind women in a world that tries to make them believe otherwise.

We have our extraordinary days, our good days, and our messy days. I love experiencing each of them with my greatest teachers and angels!

On those bad days, I’m sure to either take a long walk, do some yoga, have a green smoothie, or a glass of chardonnay with some ice cubes in it.

It’s called life balance. OR so they say!

I’m not one of the myth of balance. I’m more for uncovering your values and living life in accordance with them. There is no struggle for balance then, everything just kind of aligns.

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"The unexamined life is a life not worth living" - Socrates