30 Days to Money Mindfulness has helped over 500 people transform their lives. 

Here’s what a few people have to say about the program:

Several significant things happened to me over the 30 days that positively impacted my thoughts and beliefs and are changing my life: 

  • The news fast has an incredibly positive impact on my attitude and find myself more resilient when coworkers, friends, family, etc. talk about current events. I plan to continue the news fast as it broke bad habits I had prior to the cleanse of frequently scrolling through the news apps on my phone.
  • My beliefs about rich people changed for the positive.
  • Keeping track and being aware of the wins I have was positive even if it was finding 25 cents on the sidewalk or receiving an unexpected $5000 bonus at my job a couple weeks ago.
  • Saving has always been a strength for me, but I haven’t known exactly what I was saving all the money for until getting clarity and taking action recently. I appreciate how the tasks in the cleanse made me become more mindful and gain greater personal awareness and clarity. I have wanted to do some extended travel for awhile and explore ideas I have for starting my own business or working online. I got rid of limiting beliefs and decided it was finally time to take action and follow dreams instead of doing what I was “supposed” to do in a corporate job. So I bought a 1-way ticket to Japan to stay with a friend there and put in my resignation from my job of 11 years last week. I plan to tour some Asian countries (deciding as I go) and stay with family in Gold Coast, QLD by the end of the year and some South Pacific islands (or anywhere) after that. I’m staying open to all potential opportunities that present themselves. I’m confident that my upcoming travel adventures will open up new opportunities that will have positive impact in my life, including financially.

Thank you so much for your 30-day Money program Caz! I thoroughly enjoyed the daily emails, tasks, mantras, information/print-outs and your valuable insights and experiences; I finished the cleanse with a mindset of abundance. I became aware of all the positivity surrounding money. 

Kurtis Hunsberger

Before I started the cleanse I wasn’t really sure what to expect or if it would have an impact at all but I kept being guided to the website so I took a risk and signed up.

I’m so pleased I did!

Since starting the cleanse I’ve become more aware of my thoughts in relation to money and my negative money beliefs. I’ve learnt new ways of changing those beliefs to help me transform my life for the better.

I’ve become more conscious about how I spend my money and what on and I now know I am the creator of my life, I choose what happens to me.

I loved the videos that accompany each task, they really help to bring the issue to life and feel like Caz is there supporting you all the way.

I’d highly recommend 30 Days to Money Mindfulness to anyone who is open to new ideas, willing to put the effort in and wants to turn their life around. You won’t regret it.

Paula Johnson


Even in these first 13 days I have experienced some transformations toward my feelings about money.

Your explanation on the law of attraction is so much clearer than what I thought it was after watching the movie “The secret”.

At first I was a little skeptical that I could change that fast, I mean you are introducing concepts I have known about for a long time but never got to work.

And in this course you like hand me the key to open up the manual on how things work.

The course has restored/strengthened my belief in the power of attraction as I got to witness first hand that my intentions came reality.

I was able to manifest 50 euro in my bank account and even in my daily surroundings I was able to get people to do things they said no to before (nothing illegal ).

And if I ask them now why they changed their mind, they don’t know.

Even now I feel much more happy with my financial situation and my bank balance although nothing really changed except my mindset and feeling grateful for what I have.

Keep up the good work.

Kris Allaert


“When you are ready, the teacher will appear”.

Well that is exactly what happened when I read on your blog about the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness program.

At that time, I was in a terrible place emotionally and financially after going through a relationship breakup that left me not only feeling used and abused, angry & depressed, but also in a very precarious financial situation. I had no idea what to do. I didn’t even know where to begin to put my life back together again.

I had been following your travel blog for some time, as I enjoy travelling and I like to read about other peoples’ travel tales. Then the miracle happened with the program. I immediately applied to do the course as I just knew I had to do it.

I read through the Prepare to Cleanse Cheatsheet and was heartened by the Basic Principles. I prepared myself just as if I was starting out on a new journey and Oh Boy!, what an emotional roller-coaster ride it has been.

Some days I felt like giving up, but after listening to you on video I would be inspired to keep going.

It was difficult at times, but journaling every day became so therapeutic and helped clarify my thinking. Writing my gratitudes every evening also has helped me see how much love and joy there is in life.

I keep reading over and over again the 7 Principles of Co-Creation and find them so soul-nurturing. [the Pivot is one of the best things I’ve ever learnt to do to lift negativity and depression.]

By the time I got to the Easter break I was exhausted, and really appreciated having time to allow all the new insights and lessons to sink in.

Shining a light on my finances really shook me, but I took your advice and went for a long walk along the sea front to clear my head. Thankfully I was a lot calmer by the next day when I had to do a budget.

I love the prosperity game and have great fun with it. I go on-line and “shop-til-I-drop”, and feel great for the rest of the day.

I am still in the process of writing my letter to the Universe—I keep adding to it—so I haven’t officially completed the course, and I continue to journal every day.

I’ve printed out all the mantras and each day I would fold the mantra and tuck it under my watch band to remind me to read it throughout the day, wherever I happened to be.

Caz, I could go on and on about all the changes, little miracles, and benefits this program has brought me. It has cleansed my mind and turned my life around, and most importantly, it has brought me hope.

I can’t thank you enough for bringing the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness to me. You have become my Guru at exactly the right moment in my life.

Jill Hassan


The 30 Day Money Cleanse came into my life in the most perfect way and at the most perfect time.
I was ready. Ready to up-level; ready to let go of habits and thoughts that were holding me back; ready to fully embrace the co-creator role I have in my life.
Caz’s Money Mindfulness program is 30 days of easy-to-implement tips and ideas for your life to open yourself to not only the possibilities that await you, but also the abundance.
Since completing the program, I have mapped out my way to financial freedom so that I can do the things I lovestarting with exploring my inner (writing) and outer (travelling) worlds. I’ve already attracted six new clients for my editing business and almost doubled my monthly income, and let go of work that no longer satisfied me emotionally and financially. 
If you want to start living your life in a way that deeply fulfils you with the prosperity you desire, then this is the place to start.
Margaret Telford


I really enjoyed taking part in the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness. I have now re-assessed my relationship with money, and discovered a deep seated belief that had been holding me back.

The daily emails from Caz were a great way to kick start the focus each day. There are many good practices which, when combined, will enhance my positive attitude and outlook. I would highly recommend this to anybody having problems with money. 

Bryan Jeanes


Firstly I want to say thank you. I had hit a wall. A big one. Your email “The numbers don’t add up to a soul on fire life” came to me at the exact moment that I needed it. I signed up for your Money Mindfulness program straight away.

We have a successful plumbing business that has been growing for about 3 years with a fantastic 35% growth per year until this financial year when we have had to play a little bit of “catchup” on putting systems in place to match our growth. We have also been struggling with something holding us back. We have a fantastic business coach who has been teaching us to change our thinking and use our mind to create the life we want and teaching us all the principles you have talked about and yet it just hadn’t “clicked” for me. It was me. Now my block is breaking down. So thank you.

Here is what I learned and the crazy and fantastic things that happened in 30 days.

· In the 3 weeks leading up to the cleanse I had an emotional breakdown. Thank God you told me to expect it! It was crazy.

· I asked for money. Twice. And I got it! First was $5000. Next was $10000. To pay bills that were making me worry. I have a large one for $20000 in a couple of weeks and I have stopped worrying about it. I will do everything I can to save and be proactive on chasing up money owing but I will not worry about how I will pay it.

· I am grateful for the money that can keep us healthy. Yesteday, while I was having some extensive dental work done I was saying to myself, “I am grateful for the money to be able to fix my teeth.” So it is turning around.

· Money doesn’t bring happiness was something I said. A LOT. I no longer say this! I am enjoying the choices that money gives me.

· I know what money I have and I know what I spend. And now I have a very strict budget! IEarning money has never been a problem for me. Dealing with money that we had and spending it on the important things was my problem. Now I know why I am spending on every little purchase and it is very empowering. This was my reason for doing the Money Mindfulness program and it is my number 1 thing I feel I have changed.

· We have set a date for our dream trip to Tasmania, emailed our accommodation and I am putting the money aside ready to book in a couple of months.

· Realising that I can share these beliefs with my kids.

· The most surprising thing I learnt was humility. This is hard to admit and a big thing to help me move on.

· I am now mad about crystals!

I really enjoyed this journey and am looking forward to the journeys that are to come.

Jane Tweedale


The power of the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness program is in the holistic approach Caz has taken. Drawing several concepts of self improvement and focussing techniques, the programme picks up pace right from the outset.

Seldom having thought about money in my life, I took a numerology reading with dear friend. Then, choosing to address my issues, the universe brought me Caz.

I can highly recommend others join her course. If it’s all in the mind, then this definitely offers clarity. My path to results has truly begun. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Caz.

Garry R Hurskainen Green

Amazing Capitals, UK

Before the money mindfulness program I was feeling real low due to the financial situation I was in. I had been brought up with scarcity, fear, and worry around handling money and new I had very deep seated emotional blocks I needed clearing. I knew also that I created the situation with a negative mindset around money.
I put out to the universe I dearly wanted to change it and to guide me to person, course or situation that could help.
I won the 30s to Money Mindfulness the next day!
I did all the 30 days of the course and each day I felt a shift of mindset, an emotional release and a new awareness I did not have before around how I created my financial reality. A new energy of creative action emerged and I came up with, or was guided to many ideas of how I could create more financial stability.
One part of the cleanse was decluttering, something I had put on hold for ages. Once I started decluttering, physically, digitally and mentally, I felt lighter in my body, had more clarity in my mind and started to meditate everyday and say specific mantras and affirmations given to us in the cleanse.  Decluttering has definitely worked for me to get things unblocked.
I have greatly benefited from the course, not only from the content, videos and the community support from the other people in the cleanse, but was very impressed on how Caz supported us all through the program.
Caz uplifting and funny personality in her videos was awesome and loved watching them.  Caz shared her story and she also did the cleanse with us which was special and shared her experience. Loved this.
Definitely would recommend this 30 Days to Money Mindfulness to anyone who is suffering big time with money issues and also for others who need to upgrade their lives in the area of handling money and mindset. The cleanse will clear out all the hidden energy blocks and negative limiting beliefs and thoughts you never knew you had that could be holding you back from achieving the financial freedom you desire.
I certainly have experienced an upgrade in the way I think about money, how I handle money and feel much lighter, happier and jolly around spending time with money. 🙂
Jane Manthorpe


I joined the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness after realizing that if I ever were to make money from my business as a designer I would have to change my mindset. I felt really awful every time I was writing an invoice for my services and were much more comfortable offering to work more or less for free. I felt so stupid and had no idea how to change it around.
Joining the program was such an eye opener. I realized I wasn’t the only one feeling guilty about wanting money. The exercises certainly stirred things up and made me face my anxiety and values about money issues. Once I was aware of what was going on in my mind it was turning point. The money program gave me great tools to work and change negative thoughts and patterns that aren’t helping me. And most importantly I came to believe that I am not a greedy or bad person for wanting money – and it is totally OK and with in my reach to ask for it.
There I still lots to do for me – I will probably have to work with my money issues the rest of my life. But I now know where to begin if things are not working out for me. And I have proof that it works.
My wins:

Over the last couple of months I wished that someone would just ‘come and ask for my services and pay a nice rate’ – instead of me having struggling to find little jobs that weren’t paid well at all…2 days later Out of the blue I was asked to do some great jobs for the hourly rate that I had wished for.

Old habit made me offer the first costumer a big discount that she hadn’t even asked for. Silly I thought and I immediately went back to some of the exercises from the program

However… My client was very satisfied and recommended me to a big client. She let me know that she wasn’t going to tell them about the discount I had given her, since she thought that my asking price was fair. The new client never questioned the price but instead asked me if we can make it a steady arrangement.  

That was a huge learning experience for me and when I think about it now, it was exactly what I wished for when I started the Money Mindfulness program



The 30 Days to Money Mindfulness was the best thing I have done for myself this year.

The program has helped uncover blocks I had around money that I had never even realised were there. The freedom I now feel is incredible.

Not only has money been appearing from surprising sources, other areas in my life and business have been flourishing too. I no longer stress about money. It was the one thing that caused me angst whenever I thought about it. Now I simply don’t stress about it all, but believe everything will be OK.

And it is!

The daily emails kept me accountable and I liked knowing that I could access it online as well. Being part of a community also adds a level of support so you don’t feel alone in the journey.

I would highly recommend the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness to anyone who wants to delve deeper into their relationship with money. It has been a deeply rewarding and positive experience for me.

Thank you Caz for creating such a worthwhile course.

Cindy Reid

Travel Charm

Before participating in the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness program I didn’t realize what a negative relationship I had with money! 

I was always stressed out and feeling overwhelmed even talking about it… how could I possibly turn that into positive, loving mojo? I was intrigued to join but unsure if it was for me, nervous about confronting my money issues.

The support and insight from fellow “cleansers” in our private FB group was invaluable, and it was exciting to hear how money was manifesting itself daily in our lives. I have become comfortable asking the universe for money–money that will provide for my needs and nourish my soul. Through Caz’s gentle guidance and support from the group, my journey to cast out negative money habits, has begun to manifest more abundance in my life!

In the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness program, expect to write, laugh, cry, question your comfort zone, and have money blocks removed simply by challenging your current perspective. This is a great course for anyone, regardless of your relationship status with money, and I absolutely recommend it!

Emily K. Olson


When I first joined the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness, I wasn’t real sure what it would entail. I only knew there was someone offering a helping  hand to understand money and it’s relationship to me. 
Through this journey I learned there are Seven Principles to use that help guide you through your everyday ‘muck’ (is what I call it).  I now have a better understanding of my purpose and values towards money and how it all connects through the universe. 
Caz has helped by giving us a lot of information by doing all the ground work for us. Among the information in the course we were given useful resources to help carry us on this journey that will never end, but only get better.  Thank you Caz. 
Debi Ellis


Since finishing the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness program, I feel more at ease with my money story and I am really optimistic about the future.

Since the money cleanse I have taken more actions that honour my intentions; cancelled credit cards and overdrafts because these products we were not serving me; I have a better understanding of my net position. Best of all my cash position has increased and I have found more flow in my life.
Before the program, I felt a little out of control and like I was always chasing money or fighting with it. Now I feel much more at ease.

Being part of the facebook group was really inspiring to be able to talk about money and values in a safe space online.

I have opened yet another door in my life through the art of self-inspection. The program offered a really powerful guidance system to get me through the door. Thank you for working so hard to put the programme together.

I would recommend the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness to anyone who wants to shift their perception and relationship with money. It creates powerful and long-lasting change. Can’t wait to do it again!

Angela Irving


I joined the Money Mindfulness program purely out of curiosity. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t think it was really “me”, but I thought I’d give it a go.

The main thing I’ve taken from it is a more mindful way of being, not just with regard to financial matters, but to life.

I’m seeing more positives, I’m living more in the moment and, thankfully,I’m spending less time online and working more productively.

I’m a blogger, so that is quite an achievement. I’m taking time for me, to meditate and to focus, and that’s a great thing. Life is wonderful and bountiful and the course helps me to be aware of that.

Alyson Long

World Travel Family, UK

This morning, after Day 2 task, I asked for $100 before heading into work. My resturant has been a little slow lately so I haven’t been seeing 100 dollar tip days for awhile. 
At the end of the night, I checked my tips and found I had made $115. It was mainly because a very generous party tipped me $47, which was way over the normal 20%. 
That tip not only pushed me over my $100 mark, but filled me with happiness knowing that I am making experiences worthwhile for the guests who walk through the door. 
Who knew that a simple task of asking for a certain amount of money and not dwelling on it the rest of the day could lead to so much more than just a monetary reward.


“The 30 day money cleanse was one of the best things I have ever done for me. Every step was guiding me towards clarity about money and life goals; with a gentle push, a pleasant nudge and soft poke I felt myself clearing a fog and have finished feeling revived and refreshed to the path of genuine self fulfilment. Thanks Caz, you’re a genius!”

Victoria Erskine


I asked for $100 on Day 2. As of today, two things happened. I got $100 off my new computer and I received a free set of $300 headphones.

The headphones came at a price because the computer guy accidentally deleted all my photos from my year in Australia and count not retrive them. 

I look at it as a win. Recognizing that before I would feel so caught up on the loss and not look at the positive side of things.

I was so hestitant to buy a new computer because I feel like it’s a want, but I feel like this all happening was the Universe reminding me that wants are okay and not to be ashamed to purchase things you want. I feel like my view on the whole situation has shifted with the help of this program!


The course has helped me to realize negative thought patterns as well as the root of negative money beliefs. I always thought of money as a negative and scarce thing, which I accept is not now.
I’ve changed the way I think about money and catch myself when those negative thoughts or self-doubt return.
I’ve also been more mindful about my purchases and whether they will positively impact and benefit my life, or if they are just beneficial for instant gratification. Yes, most definitely.
I’m doing an internship right now, and tutoring on the side to make money to pay my bills. I’ve had to turn away some jobs, because I’ve gotten too many and have been overwhelmed!
It’s amazing how my hard work and positive energy have paid off. I’ve also been able to be more resourceful and value my time more, meaning I won’t accept jobs that pay less and I have to travel far to get to.
Rachel Sorenson


I just wanted to acknowledge how valuable this course is for me and how much I love and appreciate all you do to make it easier for us and especially this short videos which I usually watch first thing in the morning.

They are setting me for the day with the right frame of mind regarding any money issues! Thanks so much Caz! Much love!

Urszula Kosciolek

 My husband heard me say “That’s a cool challenge” for day 2, so he asked fro $2,000 and then got an unexpected check from the ATO for around $1800. Woot Woot