Does it seem like things are going well for you financially and then out of the blue you get hit with an unexpected fine, or a credit card fee you forgot about arrives?

Goodbye planned holiday, hello money angst and frustration.

Fees and fines

I was trapped in this yo-yo cycle for years. Not only did I have very little money coming in, but anything I did have was quickly wiped out by these disasters and emergencies – speeding fines, blown head gaskets, hidden accounting fees, medical emergencies.

I felt consumed by bad luck and out of control of my financial situation.

I thought of this the other day as I sat in a meeting with our bank manager. We were discussing financing options for our business to invest in some equipment and upgrades. Before, when I was so dazed and fearful around money, I’d just apply online for whatever sounded good – and it would end up in a mess. (don’t even start me on the home line of credit!)

Now, I go in to see the bank manager, so I can make an educated decision.

We’d recently paid off our personal credit card and decided to eliminate it. We’re pretty good with debt now and rarely have to pay interest on our credit card. The only time we do is when our invoices are paid late (which happens a lot with multi-national companies. Never the small guys though- -can you believe it??)

That was part of the reason we were looking into overdraft financing, to save us money on overdraft fees with such fluctuating income streams. The other was for investment purposes; if you invest wisely, borrowing money can work in your favour.

We wanted to cancel the personal credit card as we no longer want to send the energy out to the Universe that we don’t have enough and have to rely on credit cards. They want you to think that so they can make more money. Having a credit card also means we can get a little complacent and not careful enough with our spending.

Do you do that too?

It’s a damaging way to live and creates a damaging relationship with money.

We hadn’t gotten around to cancelling the card yet. My inner voice (I can hear so well now) told me “Oh cancel the credit card while we’re here.”

We requested it. And then got distracted.

Just as we were about to leave our meeting, the voice popped out, “Cancel that card before you leave.”

I was worried about taking up more of the manager’s time, and I felt a little hesitancy sourced by fear –

“Oh no. Cancel it. But that means I won’t have a back up plan. What if something goes wrong?”

“Your back up plan is YOU. You’re sending out a total wrong energy. Cancel the card.”

So we did, and in the process discovered we were two days way from being charged our $400 annual fee.

Fist pump!!!

If that was me three years ago, before I decided to cleanse my old money beliefs and create a healthier relationship, it would have been one of those fees I’d forgotten about. I would have delayed in cancelling the card due to my fears, and regretted it five days later, left to sulk up the consequence and seeing myself as a victim.

Our chat with the bank manager also had us re-evaluating our options and choosing to rely more on us and less on financing for our business investments.

That’s the benefit of the Money Cleanse I put myself through several times a year. I’m currently on Day 15 as I write this – Financial Realisation. Yesterday was decluttering. Both contribute significantly to increasing your manifesting mojo.

I never fail to have some abundance win on these days!

When I look back on the past three years I’m amazed to see that those horrible unexpected fees and fines and disasters rarely happen to me anymore.

The only thing that has happened to change that, is that I’ve changed who I am.

I’ve become more aware of how I think, feel and act around money, and I feel more confident and in control around it.

Let me know in the comments how unexpected fees and fines can bring you down. What are you doing to change that?