Has life become a cyclical nightmare of get up, go to work, come home collapse on the couch, pay the bills, and then go to bed?

Life aches when you are not in control. [You always are in control, you are just either controlling consciously (good) or unconsciously (bad) ]

Life is adventurous and friendly and full of things to explore. It’s waiting for to whip out the pen and design it to look exactly as you desire.

Not your next-door neighbour, your partner, or your parents – but YOU!

Maybe you think you can’t because you’re not smart enough, or connected enough, beautiful enough or rich enough.

It’s all bogus because you are ENOUGH.

It’s time to return to the seat of your power and let your soul, not your fears and limitations, take the wheel and live the dreams that are so rightfully yours to live.

You know the ones that make your insides dance like the ceiling can’t hold you.

This page will help you know where to start!

Email series and webinar trainings to help you embrace the mess and create miracles.
(+ how to become a powerful abundance attractor)

The change for me began in 2010, when I opened my kitchen cupboard and a nest of baby cockroaches scurried in many different directions.

Through my sobs I asked two very important questions:

How did I get here? Is this really all I’m worth?

I had followed a horrendous path of failed businesses and investments to get there and I was so far away from the dream I wanted – a life of freedom working from anywhere around the world.

I could barely even pay my grocery bill.

That was the point when I said ENOUGH. I won’t tolerate this anymore. Something has to change.

That something was me. I committed to that path of change and over the next three years I completely turned my life around. (Notice how it’s not an overnight thing! I ain’t going to sell you B.S.)

I found the power within the mess of my life and used it to create miracles.

I connected the dots along the journey. I know what worked and why. I created this space to share that with you. Life is better when you use your pain to help others create lives that rock their socks off!

How has my life changed? Well I finally got the dream – a full-time business of my own that involves a lifestyle of travel.

I travel for life, for love and for business … with my two daughters. I no longer feel the pain of having too much month left at the end of the money.

Moments and memories are my priorities over possessions, but I have enough money to purchase stuff that is in alignment with my values.

And that is usually something so simple as eating fresh, whole, organic produce and the odd pretty pair of shoes.

If you are in that place where you know it’s time to change, I understand exactly how you feel. I believe that you can turn it around.

If I could do it, you can too.


  • An email series sharing 6 powerful ways you can embrace the mess and create miracles.
  • Webinar training sharing how I moved from struggle (the cockroaches) to the abundance (a life controlled by me) with 5 powerful strategies you can apply today to create a better life
  • Ebook – 20 lessons learned from a life of travel


30 days to Money Mindfulness is 6-week online program to help you improve your relationship with money (and create more of it!).

Join the hundreds of people who have learned how to move from limitation and lack to feeling confident, comfortable and secure about where money is coming from, how to value and treat it, and where to spend it (i.e. on things you love!)


My favourite resources to help you embrace the messy and create a happy and fulfilling life. Based upon personal experiences and results. They WILL make a difference.

Change your relationship with money and raise your income

Change your relationship with money and raise your income

I had a radio interview with the Price of Business yesterday. We had an insightful conversation about the importance of changing your relationship to money especially in business. I loved diving into the aspect of the Family Effect, which we talk about in my program,...

What is the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness Program?

What is the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness Program?

I've shared with you how I managed to change my life from cockroach infested homes, Cripps gangs and police stakeouts and near bankruptcy, to a life of abundance and freedom. Within the different posts sharing my story, I've shared some insights about what I learned...

I discover the REAL Secret

I discover the REAL Secret

Does the Law of Attraction really work? Yes. But, not like you may have been traditionally told. I share with you what the Secret to manifestation and creation really is.

Just be honest

Just be honest

It's taken me a long time to reopen the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness program with you. I couldn't find the right words to say for month and felt very stuck. Participants have had such incredible results with this program (as I have) that I wanted to help people see...

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"The unexamined life is a life not worth living" - Socrates