I hope you are getting inspiration and insights from what I am sharing with you. As mentioned in the previous posts, I do not believe our experiences are for us alone.

(In case you’ve missed my earlier posts, you can start here and follow the links to go through each part of the story.)

So far I’ve shared how my life filled with travel turned to scarcity and failures, and the important lessons  I learned to take my power back and make a change.

the secret law of attraction

Once I understood what the Universe was telling me through my fortune-teller, I made it my intention to be brave and vulnerable enough to share and help others.

A by-product of that is living the life of my dreams, but my motivation for creating it has always been for the greater purpose of sharing.

It’s ridiculous how much joy I get from sharing useful travel tips and hacks with people. Just this morning I was helping someone find vegan food in the US and showing my personal training how to save money with some credit card hacks. I’m buzzing knowing my knowledge can help someone’s life be a little easier or brighter.

So, as we left off in my last post, I knew I had a problem when it came to making money that matched my value.

I felt hopeless and helpless, shameful, stupid, and like a failure. I could easily manifest abundance in my life, but it was abundance in all forms apart from monetary ones.

I’d get more money come in and something would go wrong so it would march right back out.

That was a sign I had some deep-seated money blocks controlling me. I knew it was up to me to change it so I set to work and started a personal money project to figure out what I was doing wrong and how I could make it right.

The Money Project

The Money Project was not a course, or any kind of formal training, but just a project undertaken by me to uncover my blockages, figure out how this Law of Attraction thing really worked, and create a different value for myself.

I believed in the power of immersion. I knew that the reason I had such success as a world traveler for 16 years, and huge success with our travel blog, was that I had completely immersed myself in that world.

So all I had to do now was completely immerse myself in the world of money and the Law of Attraction and similar positive results will appear.

I was ready for that world where money no longer kept me awake at night and I wanted to see for sure the impact money really did have on my happiness.

I began a period of introspection, soul-searching and dot connecting to figure it all out. I looked back on my past to figure out what I did right and what I did wrong to find the patterns.

I studied from the masters, and applied many different strategies, tools and techniques over and over again until I figured out the formula and then I applied it over and over again until I made sure it worked.

Small changes happened almost immediately, but it did take a good year before I felt safe and comfortable in the belief that I could create what I wanted and money would no longer be a source of fear and worry for me, but a source of power that would help me living in alignment with my values and leave a positive impact upon others.

Things really began to change for me in 2014 and have only continued to rise since then.

If you’ve been following our journey for some time now you’ve seen this rise and the constant daily miracles – of which I believe in whole-heartedly.

These miracles happen to you all the time. You may just not be able to see it or connect the dots right now, but I can definitely show you how. The more you notice them the more they occur effortlessly.

Through my money project, I discovered that there were seven principles to making the Law of Attraction work. I didn’t want to use the term Law of Attraction because it makes me feel icky (and probably you) and I don’t think the traditional teachings of it are entirely accurate.

The Law of Attraction is a law so it works, but our life is not about ignoring the negatives, only focusing on positives and attracting what we want through sheer will power and visualization.

So I call it the Seven Principles of Co-Creation, and it’s the foundation of my 30 Days to Money Mindfulness program.

We’re 100% involved in our lives. So we can’t hand over that power to an unseen force and wish things into existence.

We have to use our power to create. When we do that, we come into alignment, with the unseen force (call it flow, God, source, Universe) and things magically appear.

I don’t see it as attraction, but co-creation. (Conscious, collaborative Creation)

When I changed my perspective and actions to match those seven principles of co-creation everything changed.

I’ve been asked to give a presentation on how to create your dream life to the Women’s Travel Fest conference in New York in March.

I’ll be sharing three things that must be involved with every creation. My seven principles do break these down into deeper and more succinct principles, but basically it is,

Have COURAGE. Be KIND. and Believe in a little bit of MAGIC.

The Fairy Godmother did a brilliant job of helping me see the connection!

Conscious Creation cannot happen without these three things. That’s creation that you want to see in your life!

I’d love to help guide you through these co-creation principles AND give you the tools and strategies to practice them so they become a daily habit through my 30 Days to Money Mindfulness.

After months of rebranding and revamping, I’m finally ready to open it back up to the world.

My chaotic lifestyle didn’t leave me much time to make it happen, but I made it a priority because of the overwhelming number of people telling me how much the program has helped them gain clarity, clear limitations and blocks and create miracles.

You can read some of those testimonies here.

From I Can’t to How Can I?

All I want to do is share that magic with you and help you have an amazing 2018 and beyond. One of the reasons I created this program to share with our travel community is because of the thousands of comments I’ve received from people saying they cannot travel because they don’t have the money.

I hate hearing this all the time because you may not have the money now, but you have the power to create it. Not recognizing that is having a bad relationship with money and it’s getting in the way of what you desire.

You can change it. Not overnight. I will never support get rick quick schemes. But with consistent daily action and an understanding of the right principles you can change it.

I hear it all the time in business as well. I can recognize the struggle business owners have – I’ve been there, and it’s almost always tied to a limitation caused by a belief around money. We have the power to change these things IF we learn how.

Now I know how to recognize (every important first step) those limiting beliefs and fears and now have many tools at my disposable to help me get rid of them.

Most importantly, I’ve learned how to raise my vibration because the truth is like attracts like.

When you do the clarity and the clearing work, you can become a master manifestor because you will have a clear path to raising your vibration. The good new is once you raise your vibration it sets at a new level each time. You can’t go backward as long as you keep in that zone 80% of the time.

That strong conditioning can help me whether the bad times without inflicting too much “bad luck” on myself. It might slow down my manifestation but I can quickly recognize it and pull myself back out of it.

Join me in the program

I’ve shared a lot of information with you this past week that can help you become a conscious creator. It’s a lot to take in. But, there is plenty within my story and insights that can help you to start to make changes.

You can go deeper with the group cleanse we are doing starting Feb 1st 2018. That gives you plenty of time to get prepared.

I do recommend 1-2 weeks to go through the pre-cleanse training so you understand what you are doing and why. It’s where you learn the essential seven principles of co-creation.

I’ll share more information about the program in the next couple of days as I know this post has been a long one. In the meantime, you can check more about it here (and my new wonderful, sparkly website).

If you have any questions, you can always hit reply, and I’ll do my best to answer and share my best insights with you.