Entrepreneur, Traveler, Memory Maker and reformed hater of money!

Caroline Makepeace is the co-founder of yTravelBlog.com one of the most successful travel blogs in the world. She lives a life full of adventure and fun experienced with her husband, Craig and their two daughters.

Their current adventures are taking them road tripping across the USA for the next three years. Caroline wants to live in a world where people fearlessly follow what’s in their heart and embrace travel as more than just a two-week annual thing.

She's been travelling as a gypsy since 1997. She's heard hundreds of people tell her they don't follow through with their travel dreams (or any kind of dreams) because they don't have the money!

She created the 30 Day to Money Mindfulness to help people learn to have a better money relationship. It's not something that blocks your dreams or creates anxiety, it's a friend and a tool that can be used to create a lifestyle you desire. The funny thing is you often don't need those millions you think you do! The cleanse is there to help you realign your values and desires with your reality.

Caroline uses the tools and strategies within the cleanse to create a lifestyle of travel and a thriving six-figure online business. It's helped her manifest opportunities such as attending a travel summit at the White House as a Top Travel Influencer; speaking at numerous conferences; partnering with her dream publication, Lonely Planet; and being featured on The Today Show.

When she’s not travelling and writing about it, you can find her swinging in a beach hammock at sunset to the tunes of Jack Johnson.